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Killzone 3 Kaznan Jungle Multiplayer

This Aroused Me!

My people, Sons and daughters of Sony, This much we know. The history of this generation will be written in exclusives, by crushing the armies of Microsoft, by seizing the map packs they fought to turn against us, we were fighting for our own exclusives. But if there are those who would deny us free online, refuse us our rightful place in gaming. Then we will unleash such Amazing exclusives, that morons playing xbox 360, will cry out in anguish!


Halo what? Gears who?…..This is why i dont understand how anyone can be excited about titles like “Halo” and “Gears”.  Killzone 2 is beyond those games in graphics, game-play, and just over all intensity.  Killzone 3 is going to once again set a new bar for the FPS experience.  

Why would anyone want to play a first person shooter in which every level is a system of ramps and hallways. with the occasional rocky mountain map thrown in. (HALO)

And how hard is it to create maps and characters that are red green blue and silver. theres no richness to the environments of these games. maybe its dude to the fact that they only have 4 gigs of disk space to work with. as opposed to 60gigs……

PS3/Killzone FTW! 


Dominate the cyberworld with the official Collector’s Edition, light up, licensed TRON wired controller for the Microsoft Xbox 360 System. With its sophisticated and simplistic design, it features precision controller parts and vibration support, performance enhancing contours and design, rubber-grips with a soft-touch finish, perforated details and light-up accents. Be the ultimate disc warrior and tell the competition to “Go Home. Game Over”.
  • Light-up accents illuminate nighttime sessions
  • Licensed Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller
  • Rubber grips with soft-touch finish and perforated details
  • Performance enhancing contours and design
  • Precision controller parts and vibration support

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Pac-Man Nails

Over at the popular do-it-yourself guides sharing website Instructables, a member that goes by the username cbm104 will teach you how to make your own Pac-Man nails.


I saw this idea in a ’60s leather work book many years ago, it’s great so the world should know. I haven’t since been able to find the book, if anyone recognises it please post the reference.

Simply, you use metal files and/or a hack saw to work the head of a nail.

Pac-Man Nails

Head over to the Leather tooling punches entry at Instructables to read the full instructions on how to create your own Pac-Man nails.

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Now Go play video games!

Some awesome art from: allaninnman:

I’m doing a series of face portraits of old action figures.
Of course I had to start off with him!
It’s a Trap!
oil on canvas

This game is my favorite game of all time.  I played this before i played Final Fantasy and i Loved it. FF just seemed eh to me after that..


the first time Dart transforms in Legend of Dragoon was such an awesome moment in the game. one of my favorite scenes of all time

And you thought your boss was a dick?


Ready for work!

by Carlos Pérez

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